CONTEMPIC is our resident contemporary ballet company under the direction of Artistic Director Allison Barnett.  Company members participate in outreach performances, studio performances as well as theatre performances. Annual auditions are held at Contempic School of Ballet for dancers 18 years of age and up.  Pointe work is required.
CONTEMPIC has performed collaboratively with Musicians from McDaniel College at Music on the Hill as well as at the first annual Peabody Dance! Festival.
Contempic II is our second (apprentice) company to Contempic.   Students participate in a required class schedule in addition to a weekly company rehearsal.  Contempic II exposes younger dancers to contemporary ballet choreography, performance opportunities and prepares them to  join Contempic.  Annual auditions are held at Contempic School of Ballet for dancers 7-17 years of age.  Younger dancers are considered for Trainee Positions. Contempic II members have performed at Hershey Park, Maryland State Fair, local venues, as well as participated in YAGP Master Classes
  1. Pointe Shoes
  2. Title 9
  3. Title 10
  4. Title 4
  5. Title 5
  6. Title 7
  7. Title 8
  8. Title 9

Audition, ​Policies and Fees

Audition policies:

$15 Registration fee per dancer
Headshot and registration form required for both Contempic and Contempic II
Resume/CVT required for CONTEMPIC audition
Dress: Leotard, Black or pink tights,hair in french twist or bun, NO SKIRTS

  • Students must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to audition time.  Any student arriving late will not be permitted to audition
  • Please be prepared to take 1 hour ballet class, 30 minutes of pointe (CONTEMPIC) and 30 minutes of repertoire.  STUDENTS AUDITIONING FOR BOTH CONTEMPIC AND CONTEMPIC II ARE REQUIRED TO STAY FOR THE COMPLETE 2 HOURS 
  • Students will be notified via email with final decision.

Company policies:

  • Students are required to attend all rehearsals for the complete rehearsal time.  All rehearsal conflicts must be submitted in writing to the Artistic Director 2 weeks prior to the absense and be approved.
  • Students are required to attend all performances including outreach, in house and theatre performances 
  • Students are required to attend all master classes regardless of the style
  • Students are required to take the required weekly class schedule
  • Students and their parent/guardian are required to sign a contract accepting all guidelines and policies.
  • 60 day written notice is required to leave company. If notice is not received, a $250 fee is required.


Annual- $300
This fee will cover any master classes, company leotard and rehearsals